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Monsopiad Cultural Village is based on the Legend of Monsopiad a reknown warrior/headhunter of the Kadazandusun people. The existing house in which the skulls are kept are more popularly known as the “House Of Skulls” and in itself is already a prominent tourist attractions since 1979 and is widely mentioned in tourist brochures and travel guides. The purpose of the village is to provide a conductive venue for visitors both local and international to have a glimpse of the culture of the Kadazandusun people.

The Monsopiad Cultural Village has been built with traditional materials, the way the Kadazandusun, as many other ethnic entities in Borneo have until recently erected their houses.

Once you step into village, you are transported back in time where headhunters and spirit worshippers roamed the land; a place and time when the village was controlled by the Bobohizans (female high priestesses of the Kadazan). The village keeps the culture, beliefs and traditions alive. The Village is run by Monsopiad's direct descendants and theirs stories will leave a chill down your spine… so vivid they are that it felt as if the warrior is still living amongst them.

Many who have visited feel that one of the true essences of Sabah is the Monsopiad Cultural Village. You cannot say that you have been to Sabah if you did not pay a visit to this historical site.