Monsopiad Cultural Village > Features


:: Guided Tour

•  House of Skulls
•  Monolith
•  Suspension bridge
•  Tangkob
•  Kotos
•  Traditional games
•  Hamin Tinandai

:: Cultural Dance/Drama
•  Be mesmerized by the beauty bird like dance of the “Sumazau” dance and other traditional dance of Sabah tribe.

:: Monsopiad Cultural Dance & Music Troupe
•  Monsopiad music and dance troupe are available for hire both locally and overseas.

:: Costumes & Accessories
•  Costumes and accessories are available for hire per-day or per-piece.

:: Traditional Dancing Lesson
•  Traditional dance are available at Monsopiad Cultural Village.

:: Traditional Music Lesson
•  Our company also provides traditional music lessons which will be taught by our experienced musicians.

:: Wedding Package
•  Celebrate a traditional Kadazan-style wedding in an authentic setting at Monsopiad Cultural Village historical sites close to Kota Kinabalu City. The Kadazan wedding ceremony is simple, timeless rite performed up to date by the last remaining bobohizans to sancify the union of man and woman. The wedding package offered by a Monsopiad Cultural Village is inclusive of all traditional setting and arrangement.

:: Traditional Kadazan Cooking Lesson
•  Want to learn to cook local cuisine? Well, here is your chance to learn to cook local cuisine. The traditional cooking classes at Monsopiad Cultural Village will provide you with that unique experience. From sampling the exotic flavors of the local markets to actually cooking and tasting indigenous specialties. A guided tour of the Village and cultural dance will complete this intimate insight into the culture of the Kadazan people.

:: Lunch and Cultural Show
•  Enjoy your afternoon at Monsopiad Cultural Village with lunch creating a uniquely interactive cross-cultural experience (Lunch and cultural show should be pre-booked at least three days in advance. Minimum number of participants is 15 pax).

:: Theme Dinner and Cultural Show
•  Guests taking part in the theme dinner and cultural show will be offered a uniquely interactive cross-cultural experience. The dinner will consists of local specialties, culminating with a cultural extravaganza (Theme dinners and cultural shows should be pre-booked at least three days in advance. Minimum number of participants is 25 pax).



:: Guided tour to the Monsopiad Burial ground.
•  The burial ground of the Monsopiad family is on a hill overlooking Donggongon plains and facing Mt. Kinabalu. It is a half and hour trek through the rice fields and jungle. A picnic basket can be brought along for guests to have the opportunity to enjoy lunch or tea. Rates will be given upon further inquiry.

:: Traditional or cultural activities.

:: Sales of Sabah handicrafts, traditional and cultural activities.

:: Sales of Lihing (Rice Wine).

:: Rental traditional music instrument.

:: Make and sale Atap roofing.

:: Design and construction of traditional Kadazan house.